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Stickman games

On you'll find the best collection of Stickman games! You'll find no less than 73 different Stickman games, such as Stickman: Adventure & Stickman Punch.?Play all kinds of cool Stickman games and escape, fight, or shoot down your enemies to complete the missions. Stickman games became popular through the successful martial arts game series Xiao Xiao. You can play the many chapters of the original Xiao Xiao games here, as well as a number of cool spin-offs. We also have the epic Stickman shooter series Sift Heads, in which you have to carry out missions as a sniper and take revenge upon your enemies as an assassin. Stick figures are relatively easy to animate as characters, making them attractive for games developers to use in games. Check out our overview of free online Stickman games and start playing right away!

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