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Mahjong games

On you'll find the best collection of Mahjong games! You'll find no less than 131 different Mahjong games, such as Mahjongg Solitaire & Mah Jong Connect.?Can you clear away all the tiles in these fun online Mahjong games by seeking out the matching pairs? Mahjong (also Majiang or Maa Chuk) is a very popular game in Asia but is less well-known in the West. Online mahjong games feature much more simple rules than traditional Mahjong: you just have to find the matching pairs using the Chinese mahjong tiles. Match up the identical characters, dots, and bamboo sticks. Pair up the winds, the flowers, the seasons, and the dragons. The tricky part is that you cannot play a tile if it is (partially) covered by another tile, or boxed in on both of the long sides of the tile. Can you free up the right tiles to keep playing? Try out all kinds of challenging and creatively arranges mahjong tables in our free online mahjong games collection!

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